Thursday, July 23, 2015

Must Have Jawline

My new sketch is up on the October Afternoon blog! :)

Still in love with triangles, as you can see below. I think I kept pretty close to the sketch overall. Of course, there are a few changes in size and placements but the triangle paper (the one I look at as main element of this layout) is in its designated place :)

October Afternoon sketch july 23rd

must have jawline

I used my Summertime favorite yet again! That Heatwave patterned paper is not gonna get wasted around here. I guess the graphic look is what draws me to it every single time. 

must have jawline closeup

I layered a tiny slice of Blue Skies pp (B side) below one side of my triangle, a little strip of that beautiful True North paper from Treasure Map and stitch them down together to my background cardstock. Machine stitching is a great way to save on adhesive! 
I also opted to stamp 'Photos Enclosed' instead of the date as shown in the sketch. 

must have jawline closeup2

Beside Daily Flash Red Wagon and  Meringue (B side), I added some Daily Flash embellishments (Snapshots Tin PinAll Boy Snap Cap). 

I hope I've inspired you to use this sketch! Tag me @sashafarina if you play along. I'd love to see your take on it. If you don't have time to scrap, you can always pin this sketch for future reference or browse #octoberafternoon on Instagram for even more inspirations!

Happy 'almost' weekend!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Feeding Frenzy

Hi everyone!

I have a 'scraplift yourself' challenge up on the October Afternoon blog today and I'm sharing the layouts here as well.

I posted this layout sometime last year - click for original post.

you can take me anywhere

Here's a new layout based on You Can Take Me Anywhere ♥

feeding frenzy copy

feeding frenzy closeup2

feeding frenzy closeup

Similar but different. 
I wanted to move away from the romantic tone of the earlier layout, so this layout uses a lot of Summertime  and Treasure Map papers and embellishments.
I also did not use every single piece of the 'waves' I cut on B side of Puffy Clouds pp, those open spaces are perfect for mist splatters and some stickers here and there. Like the older layout, I used the curved lines of the paper pieces to guide my title placement. Sidenote : how cute (and perfect for my layout) is that 'Splish Splash' tin pin
I must admit, I thought I'd feel a little meh about this new layout because I adore the old one so much but hey! I love this one too. Two different layout with two different mood, if you know what I mean. :) Scraplifting myself was fun!
Now it's your turn! :) Tag me @sashafarina if you play along!

Happy lifting! 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Bike Ride? Yes Please

Now that I'm alive again, I have an October Afternoon sketch for you. Food poisoning sucks, big time. Really. I had two episodes of food poisoning in the same number of weeks. How is that even possible? I cook my own food, well, except those cupcakes I bought, but I've never been 'poisoned' by a cupcake before. Haha! I didn't believe it at first, so I ate another cupcake when I felt better after the first time. I don't think it's 'poison' literally though, they must have something in there that just doesn't agree with my tummy. 

What an interesting first paragraph. I hope you're still reading. LOL.

Here's the sketch I was talking about :)

OA Sketch July 9th

Here's my take on the sketch using two photos from our first ever long bike ride. Long is subjective here of course. We only did 27km/16.7miles - but at that time, it was such an achievement especially for Nidhi! :)

bike ride? yes please

Loving the huge triangle, I have mine almost exactly where it is on the sketch but flipped it upside down. I felt like this little change suits my layout better. I added two squares of paper that I cut from Summertime Blue Skies PP making it look like I have four photos instead of two.

bike ride? yes please closeup

I also 'quilted' on Summertime Heatwave PP because to be frank, I've wanted to do that from the first time I laid my eyes on that paper. I just love it so much. 

bike ride? yes please closeup2

I stamped part of my title on one of the label from Summertime Double Take stickers. 'Good Times' and 'June' tab came from the same pack. And finally, a tin pin! I mean, how adorable is that bike? Ours didn't have a basket on it obviously but I can't resist adding that little tin pin to my layout. 

Three bicycles on this layout, six if you count ours. Every summer has a story. Ours is all about bike rides. What's yours? 

I hope you'll have time to play with the sketch. Tag me if you do. I'm @sashafarina on Instagram. I usually post sneaks and my layouts with #octoberafternoon in the description. 

Happy scrapping!