Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Magical City : London Panorama

Sharing a few pages I colored recently.

The Magical City by Lizzie Mary Cullen .

I'm in love with her whimsical style. Very playful, very fun! I'm using wet brush pen straight to pencil method for the ones I'm posting here. Pardon the messy~ness. I'm very much a newb when it comes to using Derwent Inktense.


Yes, I colored the intro page. Do you do that? I decided to start with the intro page, and I very much wanna color this book page by page, in order. In my head, I'd like to see how much my coloring improve the more I color. Well, a girl can hope! :)


First full page with Inktense. It can't get more patchy than this, I think. LOL. I colored at least 50% of this page at the school canteen while waiting for my girls.


Second page, I think I figured out how to get even colors when using the wet brush to pencil method. Patience. Sadly that is not one of my many virtues. Haha. I tried going really slow but got uneven colors on some part. I just tell myself it's part of the 'charm' of watercolor!

DSC07505 copy

London Panorama. 

I'll see you soon.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Big Love

A layout about our #biglove for Brooklyn. Well, it's the whole of New York for me, and might be the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory for her. LOL. Can't wait to be back. 

Big Love by Sasha Farina for Ali Edwards

Big Love by Sasha Farina for Ali Edwards closeup


Monday, February 22, 2016

The 1000 Dot-to-Dot Book : Cityscapes

Mostly, I post them to Instagram as I finish them but I've gotten some requests asking me to post my finished dot-to-dot pages here for easy referral. I think that's an awesome idea too, because then, I can label my posts and that makes searching for stuff way easier than scrolling through my instagram feed. 

The 1000 Dot-to-Dot Book : Cityscapes by Thomas Pavitte

If you can't keep still, like me. I promise you will love the book. Such a perfect thing to do when you wanna get busy with your hands but have no brain juice left for scrapbooking or journaling. :P 

Completed this a while ago. Athens. #dottodot #thomaspavitte #cityscapes

Finished this tonight. Amsterdam, I believe? Haven't been there but it's definitely in my list. #thomaspavitte #dottodot
Amsterdam. Sam is actually over there right now. :)
San Francisco, I miss you. #dottodot #thomaspavitte
San Francisco. There is just something incredibly romantic about cable cars to me.

I will post more of my finished pages from other books by Thomas Pavitte soon. Watch this space :)


Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Hey you!

Hello everyone! 

Wow! It HAS been a while eh? As you probably already guessed, I'm swamped with life. Not a bad thing actually. I'm still scrapping, still on the Ali Edwards Digital Creative Team and doing many other things on the side. Coloring, dot-to-dotting, doing querkles, cross-stitching - how I wish I can post them all here all the time. 

I'm moving back to simpler style of blogging (not so longwinded - I can hear sighs of relief from some of you. :P LOL) because while I want to keep this site updated, I want to have the time to do other things and sleep. Ha.Ha. Maybe I can, I think I can and will work towards that if there is any interest. Otherwise, you guys can follow me on Instagram as I pretty much post whatever I make over there. :)

On to the layout! 

Hey You by Sasha F for Ali Edwards

I've scrapped those words before but I needed to do it again in my current style. And also, this year my girls are 16 and 14. Moms of teens will understand my need to scrap this again. 

Hey You by Sasha F for Ali Edwards closeup2

Hey You by Sasha F for Ali Edwards closeup

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